Vuspace is a software developer in the information and investment fields

Vuspace projects:

  1. Viva IT Studio: - website and information systems development
  2. Vivazzi Blog: - IT blog of Artem Maltsev, director of Vuspace.
  3. Vutrack: - habit tracker
  4. Viva Invest: is a service for improving work with investments and investment companies

Vuspace provides a single access to all developed services.

Vuspace Team:

We support the idea of ​​open source projects. We have developed a free library for building a site on a stack of Python, Django, Django CMS technologies

In development, the Levels project is a place where a person who wants to lead or is already leading an active lifestyle could come here and find everything that he needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, namely an application for training, see recipes for healthy dishes and read articles about a healthy lifestyle.